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Duttons Mom,Pop, Kids,@pepi Frank Fakkers in Power House office Frank Fakkers at the back of Power House Frank Fakkers at the back of Power House 2 x-x-Frank Fakkers-Father Peter Apolinares Mrs Fakkers-Anthony Fakkers-Mery Shell in Copper Club
Adam, Mary, Ronald, Anita Dutton & Pepi Frank Fakkers - Powerhouse Office Frank Fakkres - Powerhouse Frank Fakkers Powerhouse Unknown, Hugo Bryant, Frank Fakkers & Father Peter Apolinares Mrs. Fakkers, Anthony Fakkers & Mary Shell
Raquel from La Serena Grace+Line GraceLine%2758a GraceLine%2758b GraceLine%2761a GraceLine%2761b
Raquel from La Serena Disembarking in Barquito (David Robbins) Panama Canal (David Robbins Josefina, Alan, Edward & David Robbins Alan (Pony) and Edward Robbins Alan (Pony) & Edward Robbins with Friend
GraceLine%2761c Four+Gents 1957 1964 1962 Shaft+-+1958
Edward & Alan (Pony) Robbins and Friend Harold Robbins, Mr. Wyman, Charles Brinckerhoff & Bill Bennett Miners Tom Dudley, Harold Robbins, Mr. Newlin?, Frank Trask & Henry Dunstan Miners Miners

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