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Here are a few sites you may find of interest:

Potrerillos Forum - A New Forum Site for Potrerillanos...a place to contact other Porerillanos and share memories

Potrerillos Niega a Morir - An article about the evacuation of Potrerillos.

South America for Visitors - A site created by Bonnie Hamre, who lived in Chuquicamata, with lots of neat information and articles about Chile.

Chilex Weekly - The definitive Chuquicamata site, created by Charles Fisk.  Lots of people who lived in Chuqui participate and communicate through this site.

Shuttle Images of Chile - Click on the Maps to go to the area you want to see Shuttle pictures of.

Rotary Club of El Salvador - A site with pictures and describing Rotary Club activities in the El Salvador area.

Nuestro.cl - AChilean Cultural Heritage site.

Turismo Chile - A travel site dedicated to Chile.

El Mercurio-Antofagasta - Antofagasta's daily newspaper.

Nuevo Anden Recipes - A site with recipes for many favorite Chilean dishes.

CHIP-Chile Information Project - A site with lots of Chile information & resources.

Chile.com - A Chilean Internet Portal with links to a wide variety of Chile information.

LAN Chile - Chile's airline web page with fares & special offers.

If you know of other interesting sites regarding Chile please let us know.  Send the link information to:  jim@feeney.com